About us

More than 20 years of experience

Who would have thought that anything positive could come out of Government enforced COVID -19 lockdown and social distancing measures?  Challenging times for everyone, but despite the deadly Corona Virus sweeping the country those luckily enough not to fall ill still got aches and pains; sore backs, necks, new exercise induced injuries.

Carla Thomson had spent 11 years working hard, using her skills as a Chartered Physiotherapist to build a successful Physiotherapy and well-being business called ‘Blairgowrie Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic Ltd’, and had only just opened clinics in Aberfeldy and Dunkeld called ‘Revive Physiotherapy and Wellbeing’.  However due to the Corona Virus the business was forced to close temporarily; the clinics closed their doors and all staff placed on Furlough.

So, Carla started ‘Revive Online Physio’; the perfect solution to give people immediate access to professional treatment and advice without them having to leave home.  At first patients were apprehensive about using online technology to facilitate video conferencing within their home.  Nonetheless, the common theme was that once they had engaged in the first call with the Physiotherapist these anxieties and fears disappeared and sooner rather than later virtual consultations became the ‘norm’.

Patients really enjoy the flexibility of the service and the quick, effective results they achieve from receiving an immediate professional service from a highly skilled and highly experienced Physiotherapist.  Through Carla’s extensive professional knowledge she is able to quickly identify the source of the pain, reach a diagnosis and plan a treatment programme….and all without having to rely on manual therapy skills. This has proved invaluable to the patients who use the service; they can arrange a Physio session within their private office space or home, they don’t need to factor in travel time or childcare for example.  As an added bonus of online video calling the Physio can execute exercises together with the patient so there is a real feeling of comradery.

The online platform enables a visual feedback element which is so incredibly helpful when correcting biomechanical issues, alignment problems or simply habits that the patient is unaware they have fallen into. The Physio session can also be recorded so that the patient can reflect on the advice and exercises given throughout the session.  All exercises issued by the Physio are also sent in video format or as a PDF document to print out.

Revive Online Physio has proved to be so successful and beneficial this service is here to stay permanently, it really has opened up a new world of opportunities and advantages to the patient and we hope to bring this to more online patients in this country and beyond.

Revive Online Physio now offers online Pilates and Exercise classes and we have plans in the Pipeline for an online shop.